Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 more ways to overly alienate your friends and family.

Yet more ways to go overboard when trying to alienate the ones you love.

10. Suggest a threesome... at your family reunion.

9. Insist on bringing the relatives everyone hates to every single event.

8. Has one of your friends gone through a sex change operation? As him/her if you can take their new sexual organs for a test spin.

7. Discuss with your family or group of friends on which one you would cannibalize first if stranded on a desert island.

6. Have a friend with a deadly allergy to shellfish? Replace their epi-pen with one filled with liquified lobster.

5. Have a friend going through a dry spell? Gloat about how much sex you have.

4. The next time your friend calls you a mother f*cker argue that it's not just f*cking it's love.

3. Does your friend/relative have children? Pretend to accidentally reveal to them that they are adopted.

2. Secretly harvest and sell your friend/relative's blood and other valuable bodily fluids.

1. Trick your friend/relative into thinking that the mob is after them.

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