Monday, September 6, 2010

"Somewhere In Another Universe..." Episode 9

The plural word of universe is multiverse. It is the idea of plural universes (as in multiverses) that has spurred on this little episodic joke series. The whole idea comes from our wishes for things to be different. Our wish that: we didn't marry that she-bitch, we didn't suck overall as a person, or that Mel Gibson never went into directing movies. In some strange way, it's nice to know that somewhere in another universe life is either worse or better than it is in this universe. So take some comfort in knowing that somewhere in another universe that pimple on your forehead never showed up.

This is another episode of Somewhere In Another Universe...

Somewhere in another universe:

Obama is known for more than just being the first black president.

The Simpsons has officially announced they'd end the show in 2475.

The phrase "kiss and make up" has been replaced with "kiss, have sex, then make up"

Every person in the world is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

If someone gets angry enough, their head will explode.

People walk up to Jeffrey Donovan on the street and ask him about spy tactics, and he gladly answers every single one of them.

Pepsi's Refresh Project commercials have caused numerous incidents of people running through the streets kicking other people in the testicles. The victims of these attacks all happen to be the morons who came up with the project.

Long and arduous tasks can be cut short in the form of an 80's style montage.

The light in everyone is sustained by a cork found in a cave on a deserted island.

Tom Cruise is indeed a samurai.

We didn't evolve from monkeys but we did evolve from hamsters.

There was a world that has the mindset of PETA, but there's no humans on it anymore.

Sex is unpleasant, but breathing is pure ecstasy.

You can order prostitutes like you can order movies on pay-per-view.

Hollywood has nothing but original ideas.

This has been another episode of Somewhere In Another Universe...

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