Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer Movie Sequels and M. Night's Chronicles.

So after a far too long hiatus I have decided to get back to writing anything. I feel that as long as my fingers are on a keyboard I'm not losing my edge. So I'm going to write about the world of films and other junk that I can possibly think up of in the next few minutes.

To start with, I'd like to talk about summer movie sequels.

A few minutes ago I just popped on over to because I have no life outside of my tiny room. In the Movies section of the site they had a poll on what summer movies people would like to see have sequels. There were a handful of films, some were good some were bad, and others were fantastic. But the problem I had when I clicked to cast my vote is that I could only choose one movie. I am shocked at how one sided these polls can be. I honestly couldn't think of the one movie I'd like to see spawn a sequel. I mean some were obviously going to get sequels like Iron Man. But what was the one movie that, if I were an all powerful movie god (aka a studio executive or James Cameron), what would be the movie I'd choose to have a sequel for?

Sure, it's not that kind of a poll, I'm not voting for the sequel to The Karate Kid in reality. But in my mind I couldn't help but ponder on this question. What movie would I like to see have a sequel?

For the record I won't reveal who I voted for, as I feel it wouldn't be right to. (I still never reveal my birthday wishes even, and yes I still make wishes to this day.)

The list included some movies that would obviously spawn sequels, like Iron Man, and even The Other Guys (that one I'm not so sure about though). Some have already announced that they were planning on making a sequel: Predators and Piranha 3D. A few that actually deserve sequels, like The A-Team (who didn't love Sharlto "Wikus" Copley as Howlin' Mad Murdock impersonating Mel Gibson in Braveheart???) Then there were others that either didn't deserve a sequel or really don't need one: Toy Story 3, Inception, The Karate Kid, and Machete (I'll leave it to you to decide which ones fit into which sub-category)

Once again, I felt the poll to be very one sided when I felt I should be able vote on numerous movies. So I decided to put up my ideas on why these movies do or don't deserve sequels.

1. Iron Man 2.
Q:Why should it deserve a sequel?

A: It was a fun superhero summer action flick, RDJ is always fun to watch on the big screen, no matter who he is playing, and we get to see Scarlett Johansson in skintight leather.

Q: How could it not be worthy of a sequel?

A: Like anything, it's a Hollywood cash grab. But that really is a moot point.

2. Inception
Q: Does this really need a sequel?

A: No, in fact a sequel to this film would be the worst thing to happen. Think the Matrix sequels all over again.

3. Toy Story 3
Q: Should there be a sequel?

A: I think there shouldn't be, the second movie closed the series pretty well, but I'd welcome one if Pixar went with it.

4. Predators
Q: Is a sequel really necessary?

A: It's complicated. This movie managed to pull the Predator franchise out of the sea of s**t that was AVP, and set up a larger world that is just waiting to be exploited for a sequel (and a quick buck). To be honest, this wasn't really a necessary movie from the start but it managed to rekindle my love for movie monsters. In my opinion, this has to have a sequel that is bigger than the last, I want to know what happens to Adrien Brody and co.

5. The A-Team
Q: Should there be a sequel?

A: Yes, this movie managed to be what most other action movies aren't anymore: awesome and fun. Even if it's a remake.

6. Machete
Q: I saw that they already named off two sequels, but should they become a reality?

A: In my opinion, absolutely not. When the movie wasn't dishing out tiny morsels of action or nude Lindsay Lohan body doubles, it was preaching about illegal immigration and politics. I'm already biased when it comes to politics in any subject from real life to small conversation (QED I don't care about politics at all), so this movie was doomed from the start for me, but it didn't help that I felt bored throughout most of the movie. If you do like movies that bash you over the head with a political message then perhaps a sequel for Machete is the perfect thing to happen for you. Me, I won't even bother noticing if they announce a sequel.

7. The Other Guys
Q: Should this movie get a sequel?

A: Don't know, I never saw it. I stopped watching Will Ferrell movies after Blades of Glory.

8. Piranha 3D
Q: Did they really announce a sequel already?

A: From what I heard, yes they did.

Q: Really?

A: Yep.

Q: So... are they serious?

A: This movie is the sequel to an old set of cheesy horror movies. I wouldn't be surprised if they announced a sequel... and they already did.

Q: So, is it really necessary?

A: Nope.

Q: Because you hated it?

A: Nope, I loved it. It was what I expected. Not anything like Inception, but that's like comparing Stephenie Meyer to Shakespeare. Although I could've done without the CG penis in 3D.

Q: So you'd like to see a sequel?

A: Yes.

Q: Okay...

8. The Karate Kid
Q: Do I really need to ask?

A: No, but I'll answer in case some people don't understand: No!

And those are my thoughts on the summer movies that were mentioned in the poll.

In other news I've been closely following the new movie Devil that is being produced by everyone's favorite "not-quite-close-to-being-the-next-Spielberg" M. Night Shyamalan. The biggest question on my mind (and possibly on every other movie geek's mind) is: "Will this movie redeem Shyamalan?"
The director has definitely fallen in my eyes after two major blows to his reputation that came in the form of The Happening and The Last Airbender. I'll try to keep from bashing these movies as best as I can but there's no guarantees.

So Devil, the latest film to be marked with the directors easily misspelled name, is taking Shyamalan back to his horror/thriller roots since The Happening (which was a horror in of itself). The premise is an interesting one. The movie is the supposed first installment of a series of films about supernatural events taking place in the urban world (which basically describes any number of Twilight Zone episodes, Outer Limits episodes, or the Discovery Channel's A Haunting). This one of which is about a group of people trapped in an elevator, however one of these people is The Devil (and it's not Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini). So far the movie hasn't divulged much information apart from the premise. The trailers and commercials I've seen for it all tell the same story: The Devil's a comin' down to *insert city name here* and he's lookin' to start some s**t!

Am I whatever color that represents interested? Yes.

Am I hopeful that this is Shyamalan's "grand return?" Yes.

Will it be Shyamalan's return to glory? Only time will tell.

Do I keep asking questions then answering them? Yes.

Is it annoying? Very much.

I'm excited for this movie. As to whether or not it will be good is another question entirely. If it's bad, it'll be the final nail in the proverbial coffin for Shyamalan's career (heck, I felt that putting his name in the trailers was a ballsy move considering his last movie). If it's good, I'll never ride in an elevator ever again... but at least I'll know it's because of Shyamalan.

But then again, only time will tell as I go to watch Devil this Saturday night...

I'm hoping I can't get to sleep that night... then again I'm also hoping I'll be able to sleep after watching it (I barely can sleep after Paranormal Activity!)

I'll come back with my thoughts on the movie after seeing it. For now, enjoy the rest of your day!

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