Monday, August 30, 2010

"Somewhere In Another Universe..." Episode 8

The existence of alternate realities has yet to be confirmed, but it hasn't been proven false either. We sometimes wonder: what if I chose to do this instead of that? Had the salad instead of the muffin? This is a popular thought in numerous television commercials that try to brainwash the viewers into purchasing their goods because: "Somehwhere in another universe, you didn't buy our product and failed at your life in every way possible."
However, somewhere in another universe, these commercials actually make us want to buy their product.

This is another intallment of Somewhere In Another Universe...

Somewhere in another universe:

Advertisements are NEVER shown before the video I'm trying to watch.

Through the process of evolution, man has developed an armored scrotum to prevent painfull, embarrassing, but hilarious crotch shots.

Before actually experiencing life, you can try the free one month trial version.

Periods are actually happy for women...

There are kidnappers that have good intentions, like sending the kid to a good college...

Eli Roth and Zachary Quinto are long lost brothers.

People realize that The Dark Knight had nothing to do with Christian Bale or his so called "performance." He just showed up on set in a batman outfit.

Ashton Kutcher's new show "Punk'd History" has him travelling through time, pranking famous people from history. Hitler gets tricked into thinking he's at a bar mitzvah, Ashton fills Oswald's rifle with blanks, and encourages JJ Abrams to make a show called "Lost."

There is no war, disease, or sadness. But the drawback is that everyone looks like Carrot Top.

Terry O'Quinn will play Mr. Clean in the film adaptation of the popular commercials.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves has been changed to Young Caucasian Princess And The Seven Little People NOTE: This universe is very close to ours.

There is a movie that depticts a midget as an action hero.

Ever see Being John Malkovitch? Remember the scene where Malkovitch goes inside his own head? That...

Every person lives their lives with an ongoing soundtrack composed by Michael Giacchino playing in the background.

Bow ties are cool...

David Duchovny played Neo in The Matrix, so pretty much the same as Keanu but with more dry humor...

The same as the last universe except the robots were aliens...

Any movie where Toby Macguire cries is considered a comedy.

Wall-E was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the plot twist: the plant in the movie was cannabis.

Avatar 2 is *insert other movie title here* in space.

Brokeback Mountan had more ninja violence.

The Karate Kid remake actually had karate in it.

I can still fast travel even if there are enemies nearby.

More women expose themselves on Chatroulette.

On "To Catch A Predator" Chris Hanson is replaced by one pissed off Big Daddy from Bioshock.

Have erectile dysfunction? There's an app for that!

This has been another episode of Somewhere In Another Universe...

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