Thursday, August 26, 2010

My reaction to the LOST epilogue: "The New Man In Charge"

Lost has been over for a couple months now, and I still am suffering from withdrawal. So when I heard that some new footage would be on the Season 6 DVD entitled "The New Man In Charge" I was more than happy to get money from a loan shark to pay for the DVD (instead I opted for a video on Youtube). Knowing this, I haven't officially seen all of the footage from this epilogue. I intend on doing so when I purchase the Lost series boxset (yes I'm forking over the money to get all the DVD's and a bunch of misc thingamabobbers I will never play with).

However, the footage I did see sparked this little "review."

I saw the scene where Ben goes to the DHARMA food processing plant and "frees" the hapless workers who are surprisingly unaware that the Initiative hasn't existed for over 20 years. I guess as long as they got a paycheck it wasn't a problem but that still doesn't explain where the money is coming from that pays for all the food, ink, paper, and paychecks. Is there a DHARMA Initiative account somewhere that automatically takes care of any expenses? I don't know, all I know is that this scene definitely was a message from the creators to the fans "You get one answer before we kick you out."

However, this wasn't the case as Dr. Chang was more than happy to show up in a DHARMA Orientation video about Hydra Island and the animal and behavioral tests that were conducted. This explained the Polar Bears rather well, they were smart enough to be put through time travel experiments at the Orchid. The Hurley Bird mystery was lazily explained though, they said it was a genetically engineered bird, but this doesn't explain why the bird squawks out "Hurley!" Is the the DHARMA version of "Polly wanna cracker?" "Hurley wanna DHARMA ranch?" I don't get it, but then this is Lost, and I never got it really...

The last scene was the final kick to the proverbial groin for me. This scene had Ben visit everyone's favorite (but abandoned) mysterious character, Walt. Walt was visited by Ben and once again told he was "special" (which never is actually f*cking explained!) And that Walt was meant to be back on the island to help his ghostly dad. How? I don't know. It would've made more sense if we saw Bill Murray and the rest of the Ghostbusters suddenly show up to clean the island of its horrendous ghost infestation. So anyways Ben takes Walt to a DHARMA van where we see Hurley in his newly discovered enigmatic role where he pretty much is just as confusing as Jacob was if not more. There's a job offered to Walt and they all "go home" to the island to "help Michael."

If I didn't know better, and I honestly don't, I'd say they were teasing a potential continuation of the Lost story. I mean it looks like a very obvious set up for some form of sequel. Perhaps a feature length film? I wouldn't put it past anyone in Hollywood, considering the hungry fanbase. To be honest, I am going to eagerly await the next reveal they've obviously given the fans a hint of.

And if they don't... I'm pulling the goddamn cork!

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