Monday, July 26, 2010

"Somewhere In Another Universe..." Ep. 5

The biggest question asked is whether or not there is an afterlife. Is there a place we go before we die? Somewhere in another universe we know there is, and somewhere in another universe we know there isnt. However, somewhere in another universe the universe is the afterlife but is disguised by the idea that it is an alternate timeline caused by the detonation of nuclear weapon over an electromagnetic pocket.... I still don't get how it all fits together...

This is yet another episode of "Somewhere In Another Universe..."

Somewhere In Another Universe:
Steven Spielberg was dealt ten lashes for "discovering" Shia LaBeouf.

Furbies have been hunted into extinction.

Whales have been extinct for a year, this is because the whales saw "Whale Wars" and they wished to cancel the show.

Mike Rowe contracted herpes on an episode of "Dirty Jobs" covering the oldest profession in the world.

The X-Files HBO special (yay nudity!)

We know why aliens cross billions of light-years to probe our anus... it's actually very flattering...

Sex Toy Story: A Dark Tale of Psychological Trauma.

When people talk, text, or bring their loud unruly children into a movie theater; they are immediately taken to the back of the theater and are shot in the head by a bald, sharply dressed hitman. Don't worry the kids are taken to a kennel.

Julia Roberts' mouth is labelled as a weapon of mass destruction.

The ending of Inglorious Basterds is what really happened.

We have already cloned dinosaurs, they do stints in Vegas.

People can have sharks as pets.

Pac-Man is a social allegory for the US's obesity problem. The ghosts represent death, and when you eat healty food like fruit you can stave off death for a while more.

Ideas for funny alternate universes come to me more quickly.

This has been an episode of "Somewhere In Another Universe"

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