Friday, July 30, 2010

A Semi-Poetic view on people who vacuum at the worst times titled...

"Isn't There A Better Time For That?"
A Semi-poetic message to all you neat freaks who choose to vacuum when I'm watching something on the tele.

To all those who vacuum at the worst possible time
I ask you: "why?"
Why do you do it you annoying little neat freaks?
In the twenty-four hours that make up all days
Why do you find that the best time to pull the Hoover out
Is when I'm watching CSI, House, or Walkabout?
Do you realize what a pain it is
to have some git clean up at a time like this?
In all the hours in a day
Why not when I'm out on a stroll?
Perhapse when I'm working
Or maybe just maybe when I'm not in the same room?

I ask you, you freakish little sh*t
do you take pleasure in bugging me?
Cause it doesn't please me one bit!
Sure you apologize, but I can't help but wonder
while I imagine you wearing your ass for a hat
Isn't there a better time for that?

Here I am watching a show
when you barge in with vacuum in tow.
I think to my self
Is it more for you?
Is it a hobby?
And then ask myself
Would anyone find your body?

Sure it's a job that needs to be done
I cannot deny this fact
But I can't help but ask you
Isn't there a better time for that?

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