Sunday, August 8, 2010

News about SGU season 2 and general junk going on at the moment.

To start off, I've recently heard that some Stargate Atlantis characters are coming to the Destiny on SGU next season. One in particular, the always loveable Dr. Rodney McKay. When I heard the news I had only one thought that has since stuck with me ever since: There is no way this isn't going to suck.

Why? Well think about it for a moment. Dr. Rodney McKay will be showing up on the Destiny (obviously by using the communication stones. When aren't they ever used after all?). Rodney will obviously be there to fix something if not find a way to turn the ship around being one of the best people in the field of ancient technology and overall science and handsomeness (I added the last one if you can't tell). However, so far in this show any attempts to get these people off the ship has either been a big lie or nearly causes the ship to blow up. Knowing this, and the fact that most of the special guest stars on the show like Michael Shanks and the rest of the SG-1 alumni have been sorely underused or have had really bad breaks in character (seriously no one thought Jack's behavior in the finale two parter was out of character?) it's only an inevitability that we'll be getting a Rodney McKay we haven't seen since the episode where Teal'c got stuck in the stargate. The one who everyone hated and eventually was proven wrong (sure by Sam, which is always the case but seriously now). I can see it now, the episode will have Rodney show up, give some pretty good nostalgia for Atlantis fans, then have him nearly blow up the ship in an attempt to do something that would kill the show if it actually worked.

That's the problem, we know Rodney now, we've seen him go from pain in the ass scientist we hate to pain in the ass scientist we love because he never lets you down no matter the odds (sure he blew up a solar system but that was one episode). The only way they could make this impending episode any good is if Rodney actually succeeds through sheer adversity. He's not in Atlantis anymore, and this ship is full of very angry people who probably end up beating him up before the end of the episode. I can see Greer wanting to choke the life out of Rodney, and fighting with Rush on the correct way to operate the Destiny. The only person who should like him is Eli. And when the ship begins to blow up and Rodney does his last minute hero routine and saves the day he should leave the Destiny crew in a better situation than before, and they all know why he is one of the best in the end or more likely they know why everyone puts up with his bull. Not every episode of this show has to end on a low note. That's why I enjoy the pilot episode so much, we are left with a battered crew who just staved off death for another day and they all get to rest easy for a moment.

I know I'm going nuts on an episode that probably hasn't even been shot yet, but I needed to voice my concerns. After all, Universe has yet to convince me that it is better than another season of Atlantis. It has the potential, but the show really needs to kick into a higher gear soon. I'm done with the whole soap opera drama, it doesn't need more episodes like "Earth." It needs more episodes like "Air" and "Time."

After all, the first ad for Universe they showed after the Atlantis finale said: "The greatest journey is the journey home." not "the bestest Stargate is the one with pregnancy drama and love triangles" .... wait Atlantis had both of those!

I just hope the show does find it's place, because it seems about as lost as the Destiny crew.

In other news I've been on the market for a new computer. The one I'm using now is about as annoying and overused as the Twilight saga. I hope that with a new one I can get back to writing more often than I do now. That and I'm tired of having arguments with this computer...

I intend on making the next Somewhere In Another Universe soon, I just have to find more things to joke about.

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