Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Somewhere In Another Universe..." Episode 2

The world is a strange place. It's a world where the Lost ending left you feeling fulfilled but empty inside at the same time. A world where the billion dollar idea is about blue cats on floating rocks (not that it's a bad idea, I loved it). A world where the truth can only come out in the form of a joke without coming across as nutty or insane. A universe much more stranger than any I can come up with in a day. This just so happens to be the universe we live in, but we manage because we are just as strange as it is, if not more.

This is another episode of "Somewhere In Another Universe..."

Somewhere in another universe:
We really understand why the universe was created, but we don't like the reason.

Christian Bale's head exploded on the set of Terminator Salvation due to rage.

There are actual dinosaurs at the Portland Zoo.

Indiana Jones 4 was an adaptation of Fate of Atlantis.

We know the actual height of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That Terminator TV show ran for two more seasons and wasn't on FOX but HBO (yay nudity!)

Android Hell is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance...

Star Wars The Force Unleashed didn't suck.

Marvin The Martian actually got his way at the end of a Looney Toons cartoon.

No one takes Aliens novels, Predator novels, or any combination of the two seriously.

Chickenscratch is an actual written language.

House MD still has a point.

Albums by the Backstreet Boys are banned by the Geneva Convention for being an inhumane form of torture.

Twilight is banned by the Geneva Convention for being an inhumane form of torture.


MCIS: Martian Criminal Investigative Service... really?

Teletubbies with high definition plasma screens

The Incredibles don't creep me out as much...

Star Wars Prequels alternatives: Samuel L. Jackson as a former pilot of the Millenium Falcon (Hyperspace Mother F*cker!)

This has been an episode of "Somewhere In Another Universe..."

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