Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Somewhere In Another Universe..." Ep. 3

The universe is an infinitely large place, we are but a speck compared to the goings on in the furthest reaches of the cosmos. However, our little speck is probably the most annoying in the entire universe. We spout out billions of radio and television signals packed with what we consider "entertainment." If there are extraterrestrials out there and they've been watching and listening, they must think we're very dim. However, somewhere in another universe, these extraterrestrials are the loud, child-like, gits and we're the enlightened race! Neener neener....

This is another episode of "Somewhere In Another Universe..."

Somewhere in another universe:
Predator 2 starred Samuel L. Jackson as Lt. Harrigan, now that's one movie I'd see!

3 inches is big.

Kevin Bacon is our lord and savior.

PC's are better than Macs, but it's hard to find this universe due to internal system error.

People are ten feet tall, blue colored, but not a blatant example of a director's ideals.

The truth about the Roswell crash is public knowledge, it was a clown in a tinfoil zeppelin.

America's Funniest Home Videos always nominates videos that are actually funny. (It's not America's Cutest Baby Videos after all, that's on channel 2).

Darth Vader was Luke's twin sister... and surprisingly they still Frenched one another before they knew about the truth...

The Sham Wow guy is actually very convincing...

Steven Segal is a credible actor.

People don't name their sons "Guy."

Acknowledging that you enjoy the works of Stephanie Meyer is grounds for instantaneous electrocution.

Every night is Halo night.

This has been an episode of "Somewhere In Another Universe..."

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