Sunday, June 20, 2010

Somewhere, In Another Universe... Ep. 1

This segment entitled "Somewhere, In Another Universe..." is based on the theory of alternate universes, and the strange possibilities that are held within each one.

Episode 1
Somewhere In Another Universe...
Terminator 2 was the last film in the series, no cheesy sequels followed afterward.
Michael Bay's mother miscarried.
Invader Zim was picked up for at least two more seasons, followed by a GIR spinoff.
James Cameron directed the Spider Man movie.
Dustin Hoffman didn't make Ishtar.
George Lucas is declared criminally insane.
Firefly season 3... nuff said.
Half Life 2 Episode 3 is out by 2010.
The Academy Awards aren't worried about being sexist...
Steven Baldwin who?
When someone says it's guaranteed they actually mean it.
Apple has made the iWife.
SC Johnson isn't a family company.
President Ahnuld!
Two Girls One Cup is an award winning romantic comedy.
The X Files makes sense.
Doritos is on the top of the Food Pyramid...

This has been an episode of "Somewhere In Another Universe..."
If you wish, you can send in your ideas for alternate universes in the comments box below...

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