Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Two Cents Worth: Lost Mysteries

So it turns out that there actually were some mysteries on the island of LOST that weren't answered. Like where do the DHARMA drops come from and just what is the island?

This is my two cents worth:

What is the island?
It's an island a landmass in the sea. This one just happens to be able to bend time.

Why do the DHARMA food drops still continue?
Well think about it. Obviously the initiative still worked on the island before Desmond blew up the hatch. Kelvin worked there still, after the purge. The food drops are intended for the Swan Hatch, but no one's told DHARMA that the hatch's gone kablewey!

If that's true, why do the Others let DHARMA live in the hatch?
Would YOU want to spend a lifetime pressing a button every 108 minutes? The Others didn't, they let DHARMA take care of it.

What is the Hurley Bird?
The Smoke Monster, everything else seems to be!

Where's Christian's body?
Blame the Smoke Monster again, he probably ate it.

How come the Island heals only a select few people?
When it comes to spinal injuries and cancer it can do wonders (except for Ben, the island hates Ben) But gunshot wounds it has a hard time with most of the time, that and a big crane falling on you. Basically if you die, the island hates you (Sun and Jin drowned, the island is still trying to heal them)

What's with the Taweret statue and all the other Egyptian crap?
Hey, Egyptian stuff always makes things more mysterious. That and if we can't even figure out (definitively) how the pyramids were built then how do you expect that to be answered?

Why did Smokey kill Mr. Eko?
Smokey heard the actor who played Mr. Eko was hating life in Hawaii, he decided to lend a hand.

What's so special about Walt? They made such a big deal about it before?
Walt was originally slated to be the new Jacob, but the kid grew up too damn fast. As Yoda would say: "He is too old!"

What would've happened if The Smoke Monster had left the island?
Well I guess the show would've ended on a very dark note with MIB sailing away as the island crumbled into the ocean, what he'd do when he got to the mainland is just as mysterious. I guess he'd model for Mr. Clean as Locke cuz he doesn't necessarily have any powers after turning the light off. However the Flash Sideways ending wouldn't change either way. Apart from that, there would be alot of angry fans, and the creators would "go to hell."

Why are there so many women separated from their babies?
The writers are mean. Seriously most characters have daddy issues, mother abandoment issues must inevitably follow.

What was with the whole "being claimed" thing? It seemed pointless cuz of Sayid.
It was pointless. Just as pointless as Darth Vader falling to the dark side then back to the light at the end.

What's with the numbers?
They have a deeper meaning.
4 represents the number of letters in the most commonly used word in and around the show "What?". 8 represents the 8 surviving characters at the end of the show (Hurley, Ben, Sawyer, Richard, Lapidus, Miles, Claire, Kate). 15 represents the millions of viewers who will forever be stumped. 16 represents the years it will take for said viewers to shrug off the nagging feeling left behind by the show. 23 is there cuz it can be. 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything. DUH!

And that's my two cents worth!

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