Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wii madness and Lost finale jitters

Apparently I can become quite competitive when I'm playing the Wii. I used to pride myself on being more level headed when it came to games like Mario Kart or any of the sports games on the console. The only person I know who gets a little crazy is my good friend Genny who becomes a cutthroat little pixy when you beat her in Mario Kart. However I realized that when I'm swordfighting I will become an unstoppable madman.
It didn't help that the friends I was playing with had figured out a way to block when flailing about after losing their balance (which I call poor designing in my book) which is impossible on any other game type. In either case I suggested we actually swordfight with real swords and now I am banned from the liquor cabinet when guests are over!

But my poor gamemanship aside I was more than happy to go jetskiing as that's much more fun than bludgeoning one another to death.

As for tonight's television event: The Lost finale, it's only a half an hour away but I can't help but feel like it's still weeks away! It's ridiculous how time always goes by slowly when you don't want it to. In fact I made a short film that makes fun of this fact, one I hope to upload to youtube once I get a good film editing system that doesn't cost me an arm or a leg. Hopefully I won't go nuts before seven!

I'll get back later to talk about what I got from the Lost finale!

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