Monday, May 24, 2010

My thoughts on the Lost series finale.

As I explained in my little review a couple days ago I was introduced to Lost very late in the series. Season 5 was just around the corner and I had heard about this crazy show that's set on a mysterious island that holds numerous mysteries like a polar bear, a smoke monster, ghosts, and a strange man by the name of Josh Halloway (who I heard was some sort of god or something or was it "sex god" I don't know all I remember was that the woman telling me this was very excited.) So in an attempt to get caught up I went onto youtube and found the first four seasons and watched them. I was just about to walk away from this show as it just seemed like another castaway story set on an island with what I hoped wasn't a pissed off giraffe. A monster on an island? Isn't that how the movie Deep Rising ended? With shipwrecked survivors landing on an island with a scary monster in the jungle? I was reluctant to continue watching a show that had so far failed to grasp my attention. All it was about was people fighting all the time, Sawyer seemed like a stereotypical racist bastard, Kate the eye candy of the show, and who the hell cares about a drug addicted rock star?
Well luckily before I shut the computer off I landed on the episode "Walkabout" that focused on John Locke's history before the island. When it was revealed that Locke was bound to a wheelchair before the crash and as he stood up for the first time with the Michael Giacchino's score simply bringing me to tears as the scene played out I knew this show was going to blow my mind. And for two years it has blown my mind. Now, it's over and I'm missing it already.

The finale had everything I could've ever wanted. It had a fantastic climax with Jack and MIB battling on the cliffs as the island tore itself asunder. The revelation that the flash-sideways universe was actually a sort of purgatory where the 815 survivors had to find one another was a brilliant twist that provided us with the knowledge that somewhere, in the end, these people are in a better place than when they started six years ago. Sure most of our questions weren't answered, like why does DHARMA still drop supplies if there isn't an initiative to support it? Or why Jack didn't turn into a smoke monster like MIB when he went into the source? In either case these questions were miniscule to the fact that the show was coming to a close and that it ended with a bang. Even if it ended with an eye closing it was still a bang.

Now the speculation isn't over when the show is, there are millions of fans still questioning what just happened. But the only thing I want to know is:

Will Hurley's tenure as Jacob ever be revealed?

Yes, I know it's a dumb question but seriously now am I the only one who thinks it would be awesome to see what Hurley did as the protector of the island? I mean Hurley is more straightforward than Jacob ever will be, and not only that but I'm sure he wouldn't be into the whole "playing god" thing. No doubt if the creators ever wanted to satisfy the more overly critical fans who wanted all their questions to be answered or if ABC was dumb enough to make a spin-off or sequel series because of a loss of viewers, then the show "Hurley" could be it. I mean with Ben Linus as the new Richard Alpert the duo could be the next most awesome duo since Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker (or whichever duo you feel is the most awesome, I just like Rush Hour). Or perhaps (and I should restate the fact that this is just hypothetical) the series will take the "Lucas route" and just start making some awesome spin-offs in other forms of media mainly video-games.
I liked Lost: Via Domus, even if it was short and a little clunky, but this little gap between "The End" and Hurley's death could be just like Star Wars' gap between episode 3 and 4. They could make an awesome game set in the mythology (and better yet not ruin continuity as it's set in the future) that takes us to places the show couldn't (like to someone with all the answers who doesn't speak in riddles).

Alas, this is just fanboy dreams. We all know the show's over and there probably wont be anything new to take the edge off of our addiction to Lost, unless you count the DVD features but even then most of us are already going cold turkey.

Well, it's been fun Lost. Thank you for all the memories, inside jokes, and frustrations. I will certainly miss you, but thankfully I have a friend who hasn't seen the show so perhaps this isn't an actual goodbye. I'm gonna get the DVDs and set my friend on the couch to watch them all, no doubt that should be fun.

See ya in another life, brotha!

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