Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Death Day Stargate! A look at the first year without Stargate.

May 9th marks the first year where Stargate fans have been without something related to this beloved science fiction franchise. As many know already, the third and final series in the ever expanding universe of Stargate shows, Stargate Universe, aired it's last episode entitled "Gauntlet" exactly one year ago. With it, the Stargate series as we know it came to a bittersweet close. Since then, fans have gone through the various stages of grief with all the rage, anguish, and petitions that any show could possibly ask for. However, time seems to heal all wounds and while there are still folks out there who are "fighting the good fight" as it were most have simmered down and are more or less thankful SGU got a somewhat "complete" ending. That or they went on to complain about more controversial endings to other great science fiction epics...

Still, in the year since we saw Destiny fly off into the big black yonder, a lot has happened. Fans were crushed to hear that any hopes of getting a tv movie made to tie up loose ends simply wasn't in the cards for MGM. While no franchise is ever truly dead in Hollywood it's safe to assume that for now Stargate has gone dormant. In other news, Syfy continues to alienate its fanbase with more cancellations and more reality tv shows, but then that's show business for you. However the biggest piece of news to come out this year was the sad news that Stargate composer Joel Goldsmith had passed away in April. Goldsmith's work composing music for each and every Stargate show will never be forgotten and is still loved by fans the world over. Even as I write this I'm listening to a bootlegged copy of the Stargate Universe soundtrack (bootlegged because you can't find it anywhere else sadly, if I could legitimately purchase it I happily would).

Apart from that, things have been quiet. Actors have moved on to different projects, producers as well, and everybody seems to have moved on. However, there will always be fans who will never forget the Stargate series and how it has affected their lives, this Stargate fan included.

Happy Death Day Stargate, we miss you.

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