Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Dark Age For Stargate Fans Is Fastly Approaching

We all know by now about the news that any possibility of Stargate returning any time soon is a very distant dream. In fact I've been seeing a lot of sites that are pretty much throwing in the towel when it comes to saving SGU or the films and are now praying to the master of reviving old science fiction franchises: JJ Abrams to "Star Trek" the Stargate franchise as soon as humanly possible. Brad Wright himself has said that "Somebody smart from MGM is going to figure it out, and something will happen."

As to whether or not there is actually any person at MGM who is smarter than a single-celled organism has yet to be confirmed, considering what a ginormous clusterf*ck the studio has been in.

While I still retain an iota of hope that we will see the stargate spin once again, I am afraid it won't spin on either the Destiny or Atlantis. The idea of "Star Trek-ing" the Stargate franchise pretty much scares the crap out of me as much as it excites me. I love Abrams' reboot of the original Star Trek, but do we really want to see someone like Chris Pine step into the boots of Jack O'Neill?

I bet he'd look like this throughout the entire film. Totally what you'd expect in a military leader...

Of course it's a gross hyperbole, but we all know that if MGM did go the "Star Trek" route we'd be getting something like this. We'd probably get a little cameo from maybe Amanda Tapping because she has boobies and because she'd be the one passing on the torch like Nimoy did in Star Trek. I might sound pessimistic but come on, the Star Trek film was aimed at a wide audience and not just us geeks, but the mindless masses, and let's face it, the masses don't care about the Destiny's mission unless the message in the background radiation was a fart joke.

Unless the Stargate team manages to pull a rabbit out of their ass like Joss Whedon did for the Firefly franchise we're up shit creek without a paddle and cuts on our hands.

I may sound really bleak, considering I said I still hold some hope for the Stargate franchise, but it's the kind of hope you really don't rely on. It is only due to the fact that popular shows like Red Dwarf, which has just been given a new season on Dave, after years of inactivity and the failed attempt to make a feature length film (sound familiar?) have returned to the small screen.

After all, Wright did say the franchise isn't dead, after all, the Stargate franchise can be rather profitable, but that's the issue, it will be profit, not the desire to continue a story, that will persuade MGM to greenlight anything with the title Stargate on it.

The only possible route I believe could be a viable way to please the fans would be to have a Stargate mini-series that encompasses all three series' stories.
Wright had been trying to get a film off the ground that would've done such a thing, but of course it was shot down faster than Mitchell's F-302. However, Syfy still likes putting up mini-series like Tin Man and Neverland, as well as Reise: Kingdom Falling, a mini-series that had alot of Stargate alumni working on it. A mini-series that ties up all the loose ends left behind by Atlantis and SGU (can we really say SG-1 has any loose ends to tie up apart from Jack finally hooking up with Carter?) would be a dream come true.

Alas, I'm more likely to find closure in my own twisted drug induced dreams.

It's a sad fact that alot of us don't want to see but, it's a fact nonetheless. Stargate is dead for the forseeable future. And with only shows like Sanctuary and Eureka keeping the sci-fi fans tuning into the ever growing idiocracy that is Syfy, it is a very dark day to be a Stargate fan.

When will we see the this baby spin again? Only time will tell...

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